In previous blogs we have defined what cockroaches are, how many types of cockroaches exist, their gender, characteristics and the most common places depending on the breed of cockroaches they can inhabit. 

In this post we go into more detail about: 

Where do cockroaches enter our homes? Where do cockroaches hide in our homes? How do I remove them? And what requirements should we take into account when preventing new outbreaks of cockroaches? 

The first question we ask ourselves when we see a cockroach in our house is: Where did this cockroach come in? 

Depending on the household, whether it is rural or city, whether it is house or flat, whether it has land between the house and the sidewalk or not, etc. Cockroaches come in one way or the other. 

They can enter through windows, doors, garbage itself, with food products or, most commonly, through drainage ducts and electrical connections (air conditioning, plugs, electric switchboard, etc.). 

The next question we don’t usually ask is: Is there only one or is there more? There will never be a single cockroach, as they are considered pests and go in groups, so we come to the third question. 

Where can cockroaches hide in our home? 

In the general context we can say to hide anywhere. Narrowing the search, they usually hide in places such as: wooden furniture, in openings and cracks (of doors or windows), under any type of household appliances (netters, microwave, oven, etc.), in boxes and drawers where clothes are stored and even, under the parquet if we have at home. 

Based on all this information, we can deduce, how they have entered our home, where they can hide, what infestation there is, that is, how many cockroaches there are approximately, but the most interesting question is: 

How do I remove them and what can I do to prevent them? 

For total elimination, you must know the source and treat it from there, for this reason, we recommend that you get in touch with specialists in the sector. 

DMA Pest Control will give you an inspection visit to learn about the problem and the extent of the problem. They make you a quote without cost or commitment. 

You can contact them by calling 971 144 500 or by sending an email to 

Once you have eliminated the problem and you only have to control it, we recommend that you maintain good order and hygiene in the home, seal all the gaps, avoid moisture and remove the accumulated debris.