Why do the mosquitoes bite me? What can I do? How can I make it easier? 

Mosquitoes are attracted by the heat, which is why they appear only in summer, but the cold repels them. Adding that they are also attracted by the CO2 that humans emit, it is the perfect combination for mosquito bites during the summer season, more specifically between the months of May and October. 

Most mosquitoes are considered nocturnal, for this reason, an important recommendation, when considering preventive measures, is to keep the windows closed during the night and/or the use of mosquito nets. 

Referring to the above, mosquitoes are repellent to the cold, if we have air conditioning, it is recommended to have it on during the night. In the case of being outdoors, the citronella candles work quite well or even have citronella plantation, as we see in the following picture. 

plantas de citronela

Despite the recommendations, some bites are unavoidable. A home remedy that people usually have closer is the aloe vera plant. The aloe vera plant will help us a lot to relieve the symptoms, but what does aloe vera have that can help us and do not have other plants? 

Aloe vera leaves contain crystals in the pulp that is very effective in relieving skin conditions, i. e. skin problems, especially for burns and stings. 

Cutting a stem of aloe vera, we remove the gel and applying it to the affected area, we will relieve the sting, reduce the swelling and at the same time, disinfect it. As it contains antiseptic and antifungal properties, which act as a soothing and helps to de-inflammate. For this reason, we can use it to soothe the inflammation of the bites. 

In addition, it will help us recover the skin after the bites, so it is very good choice as a natural home treatment. 

aloe vera