How many times can we ask ourselves this question? 

Honestly, none, until we started researching and searching the internet, because unfortunately, we’ve had the opportunity to see these insects in places we don’t want them to be there. 

First of all, it has to be clarified that the cockroaches are catalogued as pests colonies, that is, they go in groups, even if you only see one or two cockroaches, behind, there are many more, not to mention the Ooteca, that is, the eggs that are transported by the female cockroaches that leave somewhere (all the eggs together) and go created. when the weather and temperature are opportune for their development. 

Nowadays, there are about 4,600 different species, differentiated into 460 genders, but only four types are considered pests, the German, the American, the Australian and the Eastern. Therefore, it is recommended to apply certain products and treatments for pest control. 

Then you make a quick differentiation of what type of cockroach you’ve been able to visualize, the most differentiating is not just the size and color, which are main aspects that people usually notice. We have to watch where we find them. Location will be the key indicator to know what type of cockroach it is. 

On the one hand, we find the German cockroach (Blattella germanica), better known as Germanic, has a yellowish tone with two dark stripes on the pronotum. It is often found in warm and humid environments, e. g. centrally heated buildings, bars and restaurants next to engines, in the kitchens of homes, etc. 

On another plane, we find the American cockroach (Periplaneta americana), known as the winged traveler, due to its great ease at the time of transport. We find it mainly near human dwellings because they do not tolerate cold, places like patios, bathrooms, rooms, etc. 

The Australian cockroach (Periplaneta australasiae), has a shape and size similar to the American cockroach, but with a more pronounced yellowish colour. A curiosity about them, which differs a lot from the other cockroaches in that their antennas are longer than the length of their body. They like to live in green spaces, for example, around gardens. 

And finally, we find the Eastern cockroach (Blatta orientalis) with a reddish-brown to black color in the case of adults. These cockroaches like very fresh surroundings, they are found on the lowest levels of the buildings. 

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